Saturday, January 26, 2013

Haven't been blogging much this week but I have been getting some great deals! Here is my latest CVS trip:

  • Dove Men+Care Deodorant: On clearance for $1.39 for the bonus pack! I used a $1 off coupon I printed a few weeks ago (not quite sure where) and the Magic Coupon Machine gave me $1.50 off any deodorant purchase.  Final price was 14 cents each!
  • 6ct Aleve- Still free plus 86 cent money maker. Find this coupon on a tear pad by the vitamins!
  • Good and Natural Bar- I have a few more of the free bar coupons, This one was free also.
  • Nivea Lip Balm- These were on sale 2/$5. I used the Nivea coupon from 1/6, $3 off of two. They came out to $1 each
My subtotal for this trip was $1.28! CVS is on the top of my list for places to coupon.

Here was my big haul from Target and Walmart! Pretty good deals in this batch:


  • Pepperidge Farm Jingos!: On price cut for $1.89. I used my $1 off coupon from last week's paper, so they were only 89 cents!
  • Campbell's Skillet: These were on sale for $2 each. I believe I got a $1 off coupon from liking them on Facebook, making it only $1. I'll give this a try.
  • Quaker Oats Real Medleys: These had a sale for buy 3 and get 1 free. I also used $1 off of two coupon found through the instant win game here and the $1 off two target coupon. In the end, these were 77 cents each!
  • Starkist Tuna Pouches were on price cut fr $1.04. I bought 6 and used the target coupon for 50 cents off six. I then stacked it with three manufacture coupons for 55 cents off two. These came out to 32 cents each! Pretty awesome, usually these are priced way higher than the cans
  • Reynold's Slow Cooker Liners were on price cut for $1.79. I found a 75 cent off coupon from  the Reynold's website, making them $1.04. I hope they fit my Ninja Cooker!
  • Activa: The best deal yet! Target had the four packs for $1.66. I bought 4 and used two target coupons for $1 off two. I then used four of the 1/13 coupon for $1 off. These four packs were only 66 cents each!
      Had kind of a bad experience because the cashier had a hard time with the coupons and I held up the line. Don't you hate that? Nonetheless, got some epic deals
  • Duraflame Log: Found this in the camping section priced at $3.88. I used the $3 off coupon from either 1/13 or 1/20 (can't quite remember). Either way, it was only 88 cents! What a great find
  • South Beach Diet: Found this in the clearance aisle! It was marked for $3.00 and I used the $3 off coupon from Free free free!
  • Poise Cooling Wipes: Free +2 cent money maker with the $3 off coupon. I'm sure I'll find a good use for these.
  • ID Gum: On rollback for a dollar each. I used the Buy one Get one coupon from and got them for 50 cents each!
  • One Beyond Cat Food: Another free box! I'm planning to write to Purina and thank them for awesome coupons. also has a $2.50 off coupon for this great food
  • Wolf Chili was on sale for $1. I used my 40 cent off coupon from 1/20, making it only 60 cents.
  • Uncle Ben's Rice Cups were $1 each. I used the coupon for $1 off of two, making these only 50 cents each
I'm so happy with these couponing adventures. I hope my coupon buying helps someone else out there. See you next time after a new batch of Sunday coupons! I hear there are two Red Plums, a SmartSource, and a P&G saver. Can't wait!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fantastic Deals at Target!

During my shopping trip to Target today, I tried to score all the good deals that will be ending on the 19th. I think I did pretty well today! Here's what I scored:

  • Campbell's Go Soups- These soups, regularly 2.99,  were on price cut for 2 for $4. Only two flavors were marked this price. I used the $1 off coupon from Red Plum 1/13 to get 4 soups at $1 each!
  • Snikkidy Vegetable Fries- Find a high value $2 off coupon here. You are able to print a 'mystery coupon'. Other options are a B1G1 or $1 off coupon. The regular price for these fries are $2.99, so I got them for 99 cents!
  • Garden Delight Pasta- Select varieties are priced at $1 until 1/19. Printed out a $1 off of 2 coupon from their Facebook here. These two came out to 50 cents each!
  • Campbell's Natural Soups- These soups, which are my favorite made by Campbell's, have a price cut for $1.25 each. Usually you can only find these soups for $1.50, so it's a good deal to begin with. There were coupons in this past week's paper for 50 cents off two, but I printed this one here  from for 75 cents off two. That means these were only 88 cents each! Good find.
  • Kashi Go Lean Crunch- Last few days to get this deal!! These are on sale at Target for $2.75. On, print the 75 cents off coupon. Then head over to to print the $1 off coupon. Stack these together and pay only $1! This cereal is regularly priced around $3.50!
  • Hormel Chili- Another pretty awesome coupon stack. The chili with beans were marked on sale for $1.02, but there are also two coupons floating around on the interwebs. has a coupon for 55 cent off of two. Likewise, has a 55 cent off two. That makes it just 47 cents each!
  • Funky Monkey Dried Fruit- Originally $2.39, these were on sale for $1.69. I printed a 75 cent coupon from here , so they were only 97 cents! 41% savings!
  • Neutrogena Make-up Remover Wipes- Free plus a 3 cent money maker! Just print the $2 off on any Neutrogena cosmetic item from and find these in the travel/trial size section marked $1.97. Or, stack this with the $1.50 off Target coupon from the Target Johnson & Johnson insert from 1/6 and pay only $1.50 for the larger pack. 
  • Revlon Eye Liner- Marked at $4.49, I used the $2 off any Revlon product Target coupon from the 1/13 paper and stacked it with the $1 off Revlon eye product from the same week. This came out to just $1.49!
My subtotal for everything was just $12.08 for 15 items! Yay for price cuts and coupon stacking! Hurry to get these awesome deals! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Few Things from Walmart

A short shopping trip to Walmart today. I had a handful of coupons but only got to use a few.
  • Purina One Beyond Cat Food- Couponer's were here! This was the very last box at the Walmart I went to today, so lucked out there. This free coupon from 1/13 paper makes me what to go recycle-dumpster diving for more coupons
  • Poise Hot Flash Wipes- Although I'm some 30 years away from worrying about hot flashes, I decided I can find some other use for them considering they were free and a 3 cent money maker.
  • Earthbound Farm Organic Carrots- Although I was looking for these to be free, I still got a great deal on them. They were priced $1.12 at my store, with the 75 cents off coupon found here, they were 37 cents!
  • Dole Shakers- I tried this product out today and loved it! I used my 75 cents off coupon from the 1/6 paper and got it for 75 cents! I'm expecting this to be the best price for it since it is a new product. 

Some deal's I couldn't find at my Walmart:
  • Activia for $1
  • Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Kit for free (marked at $4)
  • Hormel Chili for 50 cents
  • Campbell's Go Soups for $1 (I'll get this deal at Target tomorrow. I don't like using Walmart's ad match policy)
I have a big haul planned for Target tomorrow before the sales are done on 1/19/ See you then!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Yay for Target Deals!

Amazing deals at Target today!
  • Oral B Replacement Toothbrush Heads- Price cut for only $3 per pack! Trust me, this deal will go fast and it may not be at all Targets. These  are priced as high as $25, but for some wonderful reason they are marked WAY down. Got enough to last 18 months for only $12 :)
  • Jimmy Dean Delights- Just had to use the rest of my Jimmy Dean $2 off coupons from 1/6 paper to make these only 17 cents! I had them for breakfast today and it is actually very good! Best meal I've had for 17 cents, haha
  • Dr. Scholl's Active Series and Massaging Gel- Target has a deal going on now (until the 19th, I believe) where you get a $5 gift card when you buy 2. For the Active Series Insoles, I used a $5 off manufacturers coupon (there was one this week in the paper 1/13 and you can also print from Dr. Scholl's website) plus a $3 off target coupon from their website, making these $11 before the gift card. I then used the $4 off manufacturers coupon from this weeks paper, making the massaging gel $5.49. Subtract the totals from the gift card I received and they come out to only $5.75 each!! That is pretty awesome considering the Active Series is normally $20!
  • Clorox 2 Stain Remover- Finally got around to using my $1.50 off coupon of any Clorox 2 product.  This brought the stain remover to only $1.49. I do not think this coupon is available still, check to be sure.
Hurry to your Target to see if you can get these great deals!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Deals I Ran Around For

I was running around today to take advantage of all the sales that were ending today. Here is my loot:

  • Stayfree Maxi Pads- I kid you not, throughout this past week I have been to 8 different CVS's. Only 3 of these stores had the Stayfree pads in stock! I was shocked today when I went to the thrid-closest CVS to me and found some on the self! I used two coupons to get four packages for free, because after being at 7 other locations, enough was enough. I also have a total of 3 rainchecks, but only two B1G1F coupons left. (I put them into ziplocks because that's how i like to store them). 
  • Jimmy Deans Delights- Only 17 cents at Target!!! There is a price cut to $2.17 until 1/19. I used the $2 off coupon from Red Plum (1/6).
  • Hungry Jack Hash Brown- Used my 50 cents off coupon and go it at Target for 77 cents!
  • Good n' Natural Bar- Used the free coupon from the newspaper (1/6). This is my third one so far :)
  • Chex Mix- Got this at Walgreens today for 70 cents each. The were on sale for 2/$3. I used the coupon from the Walgreens January booklet (they have these as you walk into the store) and also a 60 cent off coupon from the manufacturer website. Afterwards, I realized I could have used two 60 cent coupons, but I didn't have another printed and this was my last stop of my run-around. 70 cents is still a great price. 
Can't wait for new coupons tomorrow and new sales! See you soon!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

CVS is so great!

Just a quick post here about the Listerine deal going on at CVS this week. It is priced at $3.99, but if you scan your card at the Magic Coupon Machine, you'll find a coupon for $2 off. Add on the $1 off coupon from the paper this week (1/6), and it makes it 99 cents. I've read that Ibotta (a coupon app on smartphones) will give you back $1.50, making this an awesome money maker! I'll post back to tell you if it works for certain.

I also used the coupon found at CVS near the vitamins on a tear pod. I have the coupon pictured. Remember, if you purchase the travel size Aleve, this is an 86 cent money maker! Plus, I believe larger bottles of Aleve are on sale for Buy One, Get One 1/2 off, so this might be the best week to use this coupon. Its valid until 12/31/13 so don't worry if you can't get there, but you should snag one before they are all gone!

My subtotal for these items was only 14 cents!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Freebies from CVS!

Super excited about the freebies I got today from CVS!

  • CVS has a sale for Stayfree maxi pads Buy One Get One Free. In accordance with their coupon policy, I gave them the BOGO coupon from SmartSource today (1/6) and received two free!
  • Since it was back again, I printed out another coupon for a trial size of Clear Shampoo, another item free!
  • I scanned my CVS card yesterday at the Magic Coupon Machine and received $2 off of any 2 Tresseme products. That makes 2 travel size conditioners free!
  • Went to Nivea for Men's facebook: here to score a free Shave Gel when you purchase a Nivea for Men product. Currently, CVS has these products Buy One Get One 1/2 off. Plus, you get $5 ExtraCare Bucks. To get the free gel, I purchased After Shave & Gel moisturizer Cool Kick for $4.99. Even though the Shave Gel was $1.90 from the 1/2 off sale, the free coupon takes $2.99 off! I got $5 ECB, making these to items (basically) free!
  • Found Hershey's holiday candy on clearance for 99 cents. I had a coupon from here for $1 off 2, making them 50 cents each!
My subtotal was only $5.05. Pile that on my $5 ECB at the bottom of my receipt, making everything FREE!
You have 1 week to get all these freebies too! :)