Thursday, January 3, 2013

Big Savings Today!

Just got home from a long day of shopping, but boy did I get some good deals!

Let's start with CVS. I traveled to two separate locations to get all these deals.
  • Free Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy (Trial Size). Find the coupon here
  • Head and Shoulders Green Apple Conditioner was on 50% off Clearance for 2.99. I used my P&G coupon clipped from the paper on 12/30 for $2 off of 2. Final price was $2 Each.
  • Dial NutriSkin for Dry Skin was on Clearance for $1.74. The first CVS I went to was sold out, the next one only had 2 left so hurry fast for this deal! With the coupon from for $1.50 off, this lotion came out to only 24 cents!!!
  • Always Infinity Pads were on sale for $3.99 (orig. price is 5.49). I used my P&G coupon (12/30) for $1 off, so final price was $2.99
  • Two Travel size Aleve (total of 12 ct.) ended up being an 86 cent money maker! To find this coupon, look for the tear pad coupon near the vitamins. It is $4 off of 2 Alka-Setlzer Plus, Bayer Asprin, Aleve, One-A-Day, Citracal, Flinstones Multivitamins, Philips, or TruBiotics Products and there is no size restriction.  Here's what it looks like:
  • Garnier Fructis Style PureClean Cream was on clearance for $1.14. With the $1 off coupon from, it was only 14 cents!
  • Pantene Classic Care Conditioner was on Clearance for $1.24. The Classic Care Shampoo was only on sale for $3.50, but I was able to use my P&G coupon (12/30) for $3 off of two. After the coupon,  the price for both was $1.74 (or 84 cents each!). Pretty Awesome for a $5 shampoo.
My next stop for savings was at Petsmart
  • Won 2 coupons from an instant win game by Freshstep. (Sorry, the sweepstakes ended 12/30).  The coupons for free treats up to $4, so picked up some tasty and healthy treats for my kitty cats for free.
  • 20 lb Tidy Cats Litter was on sale for 7.99. I used my $5 Holiday Bucks (which I received from buying the 35lb litter before Christmas), so the total was $2.99. Petsmart had some awesome deals during December.
Can't forget my savings at Meijer today. Got a Free gallon of milk! If you live near a Meijer, go to their website and sign up for mperks. Type in the code FREEMILK and get your milk by 1/19. No coupon necessary, just your phone number. I was also given a coupon for $2 off my purchase. I used mperks for the first time today and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's nice that you don't need to print or clip anything, but I was unsure of the details on a coupon and ended up not qualifying for it. I'll have to go back to exchange it for the right product. I may only take advantage of this program once in awhile.

Overall, it was a great haul. If you purchased P&G products from 10/14/12 - 12/31/12, don't forget about this mail-in rebate offer:
If you spent $50 before coupons, send in your receipts and UPC codes for a $15 rebate. I wish I knew about this offer before. I unfortunately won't be able to use it :( You have until 1/31 to send it in!

My total for my excursion today was only $11.24 and I got tons of stuff. This is my biggest savings since I've started couponing so I'm really excited about it! See you in a few days!

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