Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Deals I Ran Around For

I was running around today to take advantage of all the sales that were ending today. Here is my loot:

  • Stayfree Maxi Pads- I kid you not, throughout this past week I have been to 8 different CVS's. Only 3 of these stores had the Stayfree pads in stock! I was shocked today when I went to the thrid-closest CVS to me and found some on the self! I used two coupons to get four packages for free, because after being at 7 other locations, enough was enough. I also have a total of 3 rainchecks, but only two B1G1F coupons left. (I put them into ziplocks because that's how i like to store them). 
  • Jimmy Deans Delights- Only 17 cents at Target!!! There is a price cut to $2.17 until 1/19. I used the $2 off coupon from Red Plum (1/6).
  • Hungry Jack Hash Brown- Used my 50 cents off coupon and go it at Target for 77 cents!
  • Good n' Natural Bar- Used the free coupon from the newspaper (1/6). This is my third one so far :)
  • Chex Mix- Got this at Walgreens today for 70 cents each. The were on sale for 2/$3. I used the coupon from the Walgreens January booklet (they have these as you walk into the store) and also a 60 cent off coupon from the manufacturer website. Afterwards, I realized I could have used two 60 cent coupons, but I didn't have another printed and this was my last stop of my run-around. 70 cents is still a great price. 
Can't wait for new coupons tomorrow and new sales! See you soon!

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